Monday, 24 December 2012

Tony Hatch with Love Sounds (1976)


A brand new rip straight from the vinyl for this fantastic smooth disco funk album from the amazing Mr. Hatch!

Many, but not all the tracks were previously comped on the collections Hatchback and the 3 CD set Take It Easy, and on the last WMA rip, over four years ago now, I used some tracks from these.

It was Tony Hatch's final UK album, and what a selection!

Without any doubt, there is a definite influence from MFSB and Love Unlimited Orchestra, and sounds brilliant for it.

It is Easy, funky, and chilled out in equal measure.

My highlights are the originals, Brazilia, Love Hustle, which I understand was very popular on the Northern Soul scene, and Return To The Stars, which sounds like it should be from a 70s KPM LP].

The covers, too, are sensational, Sad Sweet Dreamer, which by Sweet Sensation was produced by Tony Hatch, standards like Perfidia, I've Got You Under My Skin, and What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life are all well arranged, Perfidia sounding very like Van McCoy's The Hustle!

As a bonus, I have included the A side from a Pye single which had Love Hustle on the B side, Call Me, by Family Affair, which was obviously recorded at the same sessions and like the LP contains vocals by Jackie Trent and Dee Dee Lewis.

I hope you enjoy it and please comment if you do!

Album Preview - Brazilia




  2. Always nice to have another album by this great man! Thanks for all your wonderful posts and merry XMas to you all. Thomas.

  3. Quite simply the greatest album ever...

  4. If you could only take 1 album to a desert island this would be the one.

  5. Sorry Mark,(btw nice post)
    Who wanna listen this album in a good sound take here -
    Best wishes in NY

  6. Vova Arks,

    Thanks for the link, but having listened to it, I believe it is the same 128k WMA rip I made and posted over four years ago that someone else has converted to 320k MP3, with tracks 1, 3, 5 to 10 and 12 taken from the CD compilations I mentioned earlier. I know this because I called track 8 Perfidia Hustle as I thought it sounded like Van McCoy's The Hustle!



  7. Sorry Mark but this version is inferior to your 128k version - I have added reverb and echo to your first rip and changed the running order - let me know what you think!

  8. Omgosh what a great song.....reminds me of a FunkyLoveBoat meets James Bond! Thank you so much for keeping these albums alive. you grew up listening to this lost music (I am 46) and have an extensive record collection...but none converted to digital...What software do you use to do that? Thanks again! !)

  9. TheWhiteElephant,

    Hello and thanks for your comments!

    I have a Bush turntable connected to my Sony Mini Hi-Fi which has a USB in. I record both sides onto a memory stick, put the files onto my PC, use Free Audio Editor to boost the sound, then Easy Audio Cutter to cut the individual tracks. I then add a high quality photo of the front and back, using Windows Live Photo Gallery to trim and boost the picture, then put the mp3s and pictures into a zip file and upload, currently to Zippyshare!

    I hope to hear some of your collection soon!


  10. Dear Mark,
    I,Dipankar,have just gone through yr aforesaid tips.It's of great help to everybody.May I ask you,can I get those softwares from web ? I have some rare vinyls in my stock.Let me try if I can rip & send them to you as a token of gesture.Thanks again for this invaluable collection.Take care.
    Dipankar Adhikary,

  11. Hello Dipankar,

    The programs In mentioned can be found here:

    I hope to hear some of your albums soon!



  12. Thanks Mark - I was pleasantly surprised to find, nearly four years after it was posted, that this album is still downloadable. I'm looking forward to hearing it.