Saturday, 26 January 2013

In The Mood - Lenny Dee (1967)

Here is a very nice 60s album from the prolific organist Lenny Dee.

This album was given to me by a friend who had inherited some records from his dad who had recently passed away.

He was very keen to find out whether I had liked any of the records, and I have to say this one, the best of a good bunch of Easy LP's, was right up my street and that I would be sharing it with the many who visit my site!

It is a great listen, with some very beaty arrangements of a combination of 60s pop hits, standards, and 60s film songs.

My pick, featured below, is the excellent re-working of In The Mood. I know that I have picked versions of this song as my review on other posted albums, but this version really is something else! It's arrangement sounds very like Stevie Wonder's Uptight!

I hope you enjoy it and please comment if you do!

Album Preview - In The Mood




  2. unusual orchestra Thx Mark and good health you,
    Cheers, Vova

  3. We just bought a 1971 Wurlitzer 4373 organ, so now I'm even more excited to listen to these old albums by organ masters.

  4. Great sound to this album! Very nice!

  5. Mark, Não sei se fiz algum comentário nos albuns relacionados do seu Blog do Lenny Dee, mais estou procurando dos albuns, sei que por ai,é mais facil de encontrar do que no meu, Brasil, tratasse dos albuns ' SOMETHING SPECIAL , e LENNY DEE IN HOLLYOOD", caso vc tenha conhecimento de algum blog ou amigo que possa disponibilizar eu fiarei muito agradecido por esta gentileza um abraço e muito obrigado.

    1. Eu não tenho os dois álbuns que você menciona, talvez alguém lendo isso pode tê-los?
      Obrigado, Mark

    2. I do not have the two albums you mention, perhaps someone reading this might have them?