Saturday, 26 January 2013

In The Mood - Lenny Dee (1967)

Here is a very nice 60s album from the prolific organist Lenny Dee.

This album was given to me by a friend who had inherited some records from his dad who had recently passed away.

He was very keen to find out whether I had liked any of the records, and I have to say this one, the best of a good bunch of Easy LP's, was right up my street and that I would be sharing it with the many who visit my site!

It is a great listen, with some very beaty arrangements of a combination of 60s pop hits, standards, and 60s film songs.

My pick, featured below, is the excellent re-working of In The Mood. I know that I have picked versions of this song as my review on other posted albums, but this version really is something else! It's arrangement sounds very like Stevie Wonder's Uptight!

I hope you enjoy it and please comment if you do!

Album Preview - In The Mood




  2. unusual orchestra Thx Mark and good health you,
    Cheers, Vova

  3. We just bought a 1971 Wurlitzer 4373 organ, so now I'm even more excited to listen to these old albums by organ masters.

  4. Great sound to this album! Very nice!