Saturday, 16 February 2013

Hawaiian Honeymoon - Basil Henriques & The Waikiki Islanders (1970)

A very nice, well arranged Studio 2 album featuring late 60's pop hits played by Hawaiian guitar and band.

I hope you enjoy it and please comment if you do!

Album Preview - Help Yourself




  2. Thankyou so much, I have been looking for Basil Henriques for ages. Such a lovely happy sound. :-D

  3. @laidbackinbethlehem, I am still playing and recording..
    AND Available for bookings. 07800-646-645 or 0182-770-4110 (Tamworth)

  4. Thanks very much to Basil Henriques himself for his comments; I am very pleased to see his is still active musically!


  5. I found this album for a quid well spent,as far as I'm concerned. This LP also contains Basil's take on "Albatross", which logically fits perfectly, as Peter Green wrote that because he loved "Sleepwalk", the old Santo and Johnny hit...which also has Hawaiian guitar on it ! Just to say I love Studio 2 albums and always buy them when I see them !

  6. I am 48 years old. I really appreciate Basil's rendition of This Guy's in love with you and My Cherie Amour. Love the sudden changes in the octaves.
    Good sound and superb separation.
    That is the trademark of COLUMBIA RECORDS.

  7. Mark can you post Hawaiian Style by The Big Ben Hawaiian Band. I got a copy from someone but it is badly damaged.
    Much appreciated.