Sunday, 21 September 2014

Tuff Guitar - Al Caiola (1965)

Here is a very nice Easy guitar album from Al Caiola courtesy of our friend Suffering Fools, who is sending me so many great albums to share at the moment!

The combination of guitar lead and full orchestra is a 60's sound I enjoy very much, and this one is well worth a listen, with its very varied track listing, moving from Rock 'N Roll classics to movie soundtracks with ease.

My favourite track is the marvellous version of the Fab Four's A Hard Day's Night which can be previewed below.

Thanks to Suffering Fools once again for his time and effort bringing this one and many others to us, please comment if you enjoy it!

Album Preview - A Hard Day's Night



  2. Nice!!

    Anyone wanna to hear the best pop and rock new songs check out Chicago finest rock voice by Sarantos.

    Best Music Artist Ever

  3. Gracias Mark por tu generosidad para compartir esta bella música y permitirnos conocerla a muchos que la desconocíamos. Gracias por la dedicación y esmero que pones en este trabajo. desde Colombia un abrazo.

    Thanks very much, Mark .

    1. Muchas gracias por sus amables comentarios!

  4. I wasn't aware this had ever been released on CD. I've been listening to my digital rip of
    my original stereo vinyl for years now, but this sounds sensational. Thank you! BTW, great site!

    1. Praise indeed for the quality of your rips if this guy thought it was a digital remaster from the original source! I agree with him on how good it sounds, too!


  5. Suffering Fools.....I've been doing high quality vinyl rips/restorations for 15 years, and obviously one of
    the criteria for how good a rip turns out is the quality of the original vinyl. While I can always remove all of
    the clicks, pops, surface noise etc, groove distortion is nearly impossible to correct. Your vinyl of this
    was obviously near mint, which, after all of theses years since it's original release in 1964, is a real treasure.
    My copy of "Tuff Guitar" had a skip on one track ("Big Noise From Winnetka") so it's great to have this
    fully restored in my collection. Looking forward to your future postings!

    1. Anonymous - Thanks; glad you are pleased with the sound. Clearly this album was not a favourite of its previous owner! :)

  6. You're right, sometimes we luck out when searching for original vinyl.
    Here's a link to my restored front cover if anyone's interested......

    Also, I've always wondered who the sax player is on this LP. I know for
    a while Caiola used King Curtis, but I can't tell if it's him or not. Anyone know?