Thursday, 23 October 2014

Nice 'N' Easy Volume 5 - Various Artists (1976)

Here is the fifth, and I believe final volume of this fine UK Easy sampler album series.

Very much John Gregory's album (as the Cascading Strings and the John Gregory Orchestra, with undoubtedly Ray Davies on trumpet), dominating the track list, along with favourites like Ray Davies's Button Down Brass, Syd Lawrence, and Ray McVay.

The usual blend of standards and contemporary pop hits, it is well worth a listen.

I have other "sampler" albums such as Soft And Easy and Take It Easy among others which will be coming up very soon!

I see that the visitor counter on my blog is getting close to the million, so as it approaches, I will be preparing some extra special posts, including another themed ELW compilation!

I hope you enjoy this album, and please comment if you do!

Album Preview - We've Only Just Begun (John Gregory Orchestra)



  2. Just when I think there aren't any more, there's another. Thanks for these. :)

  3. Many thanx for Vol. 5 of this series, Mark!! I knew it existed, but it's been very hard to track down. This whole series is just very easy on these old ears. Always looking forward to more fine posts here at your very appropriately named blog. Again, many thanx!!

  4. hartelijk bedankt voor dit album!

  5. I Love this double album, thanks to share and make my easy listening folder bigger and better!

  6. Mark, These "Nice 'n' Easy" albums are nice. The music takes a little getting used to because I'm more accustomed to string orchestras, so the big band sound on many of these songs will take getting accustomed to. Thanks for sharing these old, out-of-print gems!!

  7. Thanks for sharing these out-of-print gems with us. I have to admit I'm more accustomed to hearing many of these songs in lush string arrangements, but I'm open to these "big band" treatments. They're not really all that bad.