Monday, 24 November 2014

Tuff Guitar English Style (Stereo) - Al Caiola (1965)

In my previous post, this album was generously provided by Suffering Fools, but it was the mono version. I appealed for anyone who had the stereo version, and with big thanks to DIDI, here it is!

I know that mono has its charms for recordings of a certain age, but I do feel that stereo makes the music somehow feel more alive!

Album Preview - You Really Got Me



  2. I prefer stereo as a rule too, the exceptions being where the artist was heavily invested in the production of the mono mix but not the stereo (Beatles, Beach Boys, Dylan, Spector, &c). :)

  3. Thank you Mark and Suffering Fools! Caiola was one of the absolute best guitarist of his era and beyond.

  4. Thank you for both the mono and stereo versions -- I prefer the mono on this one. In the mid-60s they were still punching up the mono mixes, not just to accommodate playing them on a hi-fi, but also for potential 45 releases (of which Al Caiola had many on UA). The stereo mixes were always kept clean and uncompressed, and minus any overdubs -- too weak for lively tracks like this.