Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Music For Celebrating Special Occasions and Party Dances with Sydney Thompson (1973)

Here is another one of those nostalgic albums of party dances etc. from Sydney Thompson.

There is quite a bit of background noise on the second side, but I do not think this detracts from the listener's enjoyment.

I have posted all three of the other party albums as seen on the reverse of the sleeve, so I was pleased to find this one, too!

Delightfully old-fashioned, even for 1973, it is worth hearing thanks to tracks on the first side such as nice versions of Popcorn, Oom Pah Pah,and Shine On Harvest Moon, but the highlight here is the original, Let's Merge.

I hope you enjoy it and please comment if you do!

Album Preview - Let's Merge




  2. Every band needs shiny party hats.

  3. The very notion of putting on a record to help a crowd of people sing Happy Birthday or For He's a Jolly Good Fellow is so of-a-certain-generation... :)

  4. Never had or heard a Sydney Thompson album, but that changes...this is fun stuff. Thanks, Mark!

  5. New to me also, but most appreciated! Thank you!