Monday, 6 July 2015

Easy Listening music - Identification help needed

Our friend Suffering Fools has asked again for our help in identifying some Easy Listening music from a contemporary recording:

Please listen to these fragments of Easy Listening recordings and leave a comment with any information you may have that could help identify them. Thank you. Time index follows below:

0:05 - Fragment 1
0:26 - Fragment 2
0:59 - Fragment 3
1:30 - Fragment 4 (Once in a While)
2:07 - Fragment 5 (Gone with the Wind)
3:22 - Fragment 6 (Cycles)
3:51 - Fragment 7 (Night and Day)
4:27 - Fragment 8
5:00 - Fragment 9


  1. Hi Mark,

    I access your blogspot on a regular basis and I am fully appreciative of all the beautiful music that you so kindly share with us.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Unfortunately I have absolutely no recognition of any of the music that you want identifying. Sorry that I cannot help.

    All the best in your sarch for the answers.


    Douglas (UK)

  2. Some of the fragments are too short and don't actually include the melodies, so it's quite impossible to identify them.

    Fragment 3 is "My Silent Love".

    Fragment 5 is not "Gone With The Wind"; that is a different tune entirely. This one is "Tara's Theme" from the movie Gone With The Wind. Big difference.

    I have no idea who performed any of this music.

    - der bajazzo

  3. Thanks, der bajazzo. A person with encyclopedic knowledge of the genre could identify these recordings without the benefit of the melody, and indeed has already done so in the case of fragments 8 and 9!

  4. Hi Mark.
    The track Night And Day is play by: Frank Chacksfield and his orchestra.
    Newton, from Brazil

  5. Fragment 3 is "My Silent Love", by Caesar Giovannini.
    Fragment 6 (Cycles) - by Joe Reisman (recorded on Reader's Digest
    Fragment 8 - Snowbird by Ronnie Aldrich

  6. Many thanks! Only 1, 2 and 4 (Once in a While) still unidentified.

  7. @ Suffering Fools:
    The only person I know of who is still alive and has encyclopedic knowledge of the genre is Alan Bunting. You could do worse than consult him at

    - der bajazzo

  8. Thanks, db, I'll give that a go.

  9. Shazam identified fragment 2 as "Moon of Manakoora by Ferrante & Teicher"


  10. Excellent! Thanks, guess Shazam is better than SoundHound! :)

  11. Shazam has now identified fragment 1 as Spanish Eyes by Leroy Holmes. This leaves only fragment 4! Whose version of Once in a While?

  12. Alan Bunting was stumped by #4, which could make that the most obscure easy listening track in the world.