Thursday, 31 December 2015

High Power Hammond - Harry Stoneham (1970)

A fine and very entertaining Hammond organ medley album which belongs to my dad!

One of the few ELW-friendly albums he has, it features usual Stoneham hallmarks, the TV medley, the Bacharach medley, blended with other medleys of unconnected material, but which flows so well, that you seem unaware that they are medleys at all!

My highlight is the medley of The Liquidator and Elizabethan Reggae!

 I hope you enjoy it and here's to a Happy New Year in 2016 with more great albums to follow!

Album Preview



  2. That's funny, I just pulled a Stoneham record out of the pile for my next rip before seeing this - complete with motorbike girl! Thanks and happy new year!