Monday, 15 February 2016

Soft Lights And Beautiful Music - Manuel And The Music Of The Mountains

Thanks to Will Crump for bringing us this fine compilation from Easy legend and personal favourite, Manuel And The Music Of The Mountains.
Keeping the Easy flame burning as late as the early 1980's, Geoff Love / Manuel seemed to do this by ensuring the albums were full of the latest pop songs arranged in that trade marked Manuel string and guitar sound!
Thanks again Will for all your efforts, I hope you enjoy this and please comment if you do!
Album Preview



    1. Dear Mark, could you re upload this album, thank you very much

    2. Rafael,

      Will has reuploaded this album:



    I have just uploaded a custom CD cover that's improved over what I originally included with this custom album. Let me know how you like the new cover and the album. I love to share these old gems. Please let me know how you like what I've put together.

  3. Mark, will you post this cover for me, please. You can replace the one that's currently up to tell about the new "album".

  4. Thanks for the cover. I really like the album, too!

  5. Glad you enjoy it. There will be more to come, I promise. I fell in love with Manuel & The Music Of The Mountains back in 1994 while stationed at N.A.S. Barbers Point, Oahu, Hawaii while in the Navy. I subscribed to a service called Digital Cable Radio. I kept it on the easy listening instrumental station almost exclusively. The remote had an LCD display that showed the song title, the artist, and album the song was from. I found out the hard way that most of those albums were only available through specialty import order. There used to be a specialty CD shop on the West Coast called The Easy Listening Music Shoppe. They used to provide the programming for the easy listening music channel on DirecTV's Music Choice Easy Listening channel. When I deployed to Japan back in 1995, I went to Tower Records in Tokyo and went hog-wild. I left about 400 dollars American on the counter. In Osan, Korea I found several gems including Alain Morisod, James Last, and Sergio Rafael Orchestra. I also found a nice Johnny Pearson CD "Sleepy Shores".

    1. One of my first looks into Easy Listening was on Music Choice through the satellite box. It is a shame that so many acts have not been digitally remastered and made available, so it falls to us to offer our collections for sample in this way. I did know that Japan was a country which particularly love the genre and have made available so many albums which are not available here and in the US. I would love to hear the Johnny Pearson album; I have quite a few of his vinyl albums.

  6. The Johnny Pearson CD I purchased in Tokyo is entitled "Sleepy Shores" and was released on the Victor label. I can't post it because it's still commercially available, though on the expensive side.

  7. I can post the track listing for the Japanese Johnny Pearson "Sleepy Shores CD" and you can probably piece it together by going through the albums you have and copy/paste tracks to a new folder and editing the metadata to reflect the CD you want. Then go to the link I posted and grab the image file of the CD and voila! You have the album. :-)

    1. Sleepy Shores
    2. Chi Mai
    3. First Love
    4. On Golden Pond
    5. The Winner Takes It All
    6. Don't Cry For Me, Argentina
    7. Just The Way You Are
    8. Cavatina (theme from "The Deer Hunter")
    9. If You Leave Me Now
    10. Nadia's Theme
    11. Misty Sunset
    12 Cast Your Fate To The Wind (Note: Richer and fuller than the Sounds Orchestral rendition, although Johnny was pianist there as well..)
    13. Chariots Of Fire
    14. Love Dreamer
    15. Elephant Man
    16. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
    17. Feelings
    18. Brother Sun Sister Moon
    19. Love Prelude
    20. Touch Me In The Morning

    If any tracks are missing, simply search for the song on YouTube, download the video, convert it to an mp3 with FreeMake's Video Converter and there you go!

  8. Hello, my friends at Easy Listening World! Here is a custom 2-CD set by the late Paul Mauriat. It’s a collection of 50 songs from the ‘60s, ‘70s, & ‘80s; nearly 3 hours of listening pleasure. I had to upload each CD separately due to zippyshare’s file size limits. The first link is to CD 1 and the second link to CD 2. Custom cover and insert both included in each folder. Please comment if you like my uploads. That’s all I ask in return for the work it takes to put these custom albums together.
    CD 1
    CD 2

    Mark, please post these albums with the covers enlarged.

    1. Thanks Will!

      I will download and post very soon!

      Here is the custom album featuring all the tracks I have by Ivor Raymonde & Bernard Ebbinghouse:

    2. Thanks Mark!! Tell you what I'll do...a friend of mine came through with some Bernard Ebbinghouse. I'll combine what I got from him with what you've uploaded here and create a custom CD. What do you say to that, my friend?

    3. Thanks Will. Look forward to it!

  9. Mark, I've deleted the link to Paul Mauriat Pop Magic CD 2. I made a colossal boo-boo and had to edit it to get the number of songs down to fit on an 80 minute CD-R. I also had to edit the custom insert to reflect the edits I made. The new link for CD 2 of Pop Magic is listed below. Please be sure to go to the link I've posted below to get the updated insert so that the proper track list for CD 2 is reflected. Thanks!!

    Please take careful note of the new link for Disc 2 of Pop Magic, my custom Paul Mauriat Compilation. Thanks!! Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Here are the links to each CD once again:

    CD 1
    CD 2


    Greetings once again. I have a treat for you that features an orchestra whose recordings are obscure. Here for your listening pleasure is a custom album by Bernard Ebbinghouse & His Orchestra. If you like this album, please comment. It's all I ask in return for the work that goes into putting these custom albums together. Mark, if you would, please get the album cover and insert and post them for me along with any comment you feel appropriate.

    If any of you have albums by Bernard Ebbinghouse or Ivor Raymonde, please post.