Friday, 26 February 2016

TV Music Spectacular - On The Trail - The TV Westerns (Record 2) [1978]

Straight on with the second volume in this fine TV theme set, it sees us in the old West with some of the most popular US TV series of the 60s and 70s, and many iconic theme tunes.

My picks are great versions of Bonanza, The Virginian, Rawhide and Alias Smith And Jones, all tracks played by either the great UK band leader, Jack Parnell, or the Dimensions In Sound Orchestra. 

I'm back to work tomorrow, so the next volume will be in few days time.

I hope you enjoy it and please comment if you do!

Album Preview - Bonanza



  2. Cool! Here I come to this blog looking for Geoff Love and I get this nice surprise.
    There really is a Santa Claus :)
    Thank you, Mark!

  3. Mark, Do you have any LPs of the Ivor Raymonde Orchestra you can post? Also, I'm looking for some albums by Bernard Ebbinghouse. These are two more I heard on Digital Cable Radio back in 1994

  4. forgot to click "notify me" so I'll have to repeat myself. Do you have any albums by the Ivor Raymonde Orchestra and the Bernard Ebbinghouse Orchestra? If so, will you please post them?

    1. I don't have any albums by those two artists, but have checked and have 9 tracks by them from compilations, which I can post for you.

    2. A great Saturday morning to you, Mark! That would be ultra-cool!! :-)

  5. Fantastic Mark!

    Thanks for fulfilling my request for this set, I've been looking for it for so long I'm going to wait til you've posted them all, then I'm gonna settle down with a cup of coffee and enjoy :)

  6. Just a thought Mark!

    I've been trying to replace all my music with lossless flac files and was wondering if you were capturing these in wav or something? Is there any possible chance you would share the original lossless files if you have them?

    It's no problem if it's too much hassle, I know how much work is involved already so please don't take this request as being ungrateful for the mp3's, I certainly am not!

    Feel free to not publish this message if I'm getting on your nerves :)

    Thanks again,


    1. Hi Jay!

      I thank you for your kind comments, and I respect your view on lossless files, but I have always felt that given the imperfect nature of the source material, i.e. an old and often second-hand vinyl album, that mp3 at 320 kbps is acceptable. The method I use to record my albums records in this format, too.



    2. I agree with regards to F.L.A.C. (Free Lossless Audio Codec) being overkill for an LP. F.L.A.C. is more suited to duplicating a purely digital recording such as the recordings by Erich Kunzel & The Cincinnati Pops released on the Telarc Digital label. An mp3 encoded at a bit rate of 320 Khz is more than sufficient for an old LP and even most CDs.

  7. No problem Mark, I really appreciate these however they come but just thought I would ask :)

    Thanks again for these. I'm really looking forward to volume 4 ;)

  8. I've just discovered your blog and am very grateful to you for listing these great TV themes albums that I hadn't come across until now. And I'd just like to add that I agree with the comment above that 320 kbps is fine for old vinyl and certainly sounds great to my (old) ears!

  9. Anonymous, I'd like to recommend some downloads to you, if I may. Mark & I have uploaded some really good custom compilations you'd be sure to enjoy. They are:

    Ronnie Aldrich - Only The Hits (2-volume collection)
    Franck Pourcel - Le Touche Magique De Franck Pourcel (2 CD Collection)
    Soft Lights & Beautiful Music - Manuel & The Music Of The Mountains
    Even The Nights Are Better - Bernard Ebbinghouse
    Harp Magic - David Snell
    The Easy Listening World Of The Harp & David Snell
    Harp Strings - David Snell