Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Harp Transplant - The Harp of David Snell (1971)

A fine Easy album from our friend Will Crump featuring the sound of the harp.
Side One has the pop songs, whilst Side Two has the Classical favourites, all of which are arranged by David Snell himself in a very nice & smooth style.
Thanks to Will for all his effort in bringing another gem to us, and please comment to show appreciation if you enjoy it!
I have a custom compilation coming soon from Mr. Snell, showcasing his fine harp playing, and his arranging skill on a selection of tracks made for music libraries.
Album Preview - Wichita Lineman



  2. IMHO the best single track on this album is "Wichita Lineman". That's what drew me to David Snell. I heard this song on Digital Cable Radio. Mark, would you want to change the demo track to "Wichita Lineman"?? It's up to you.

  3. Mark and Will, thank you both for this great album. David Snell is not well known in the US; and that is a shame. He work is great.

  4. Thanks!! Cheerio and Pip-pip, Old chap!!!

  5. Please tell me there are more pun related titles... harp attack, open harp surgery, harp to harp conversation, baked beans make me harp XD

    1. I'm looking forward to finding his album of Elton John covers, Don't Go Breaking My Harp!