Thursday, 3 March 2016

Le Touche Magique de Franck Pourcel (Compilation)

Big thanks to Will Crump for this fine compilation featuring the French master of Easy Listening, Franck Pourcel!

Intro from Will and the links are in the comments.

Album Preview - Rencontre Du Troisieme Type


  1. From Will:

    I have uploaded another 2-CD custom collection of music by Franck Pourcel. Disc 1 is a full 80 minutes and Disc 2 is 79 minutes. I have a passion for sharing my love for easy listening music. My next project will be a 2-disc compilation of songs by the Ray Conniff singers. It'll really be a nice item to add to your library, as will my Franck Pourcel double-CD compilation.

    CD 1 Franck Pourcel:
    CD 2 Franck Pourcel:

    1. Os links não estão funcionando. <> The links are not working.

  2. I like your compilations. It's an easy way to get the best of Franck Pourcel.
    Bay the way: Do you have the series Franck Pourcel - Amour, Danse Et Violons? I'm looking for volumes 26, 32 and 50. Thanks.

    1. Luis,

      The only A.D.V. album I have is Vol.39.



  3. Luis, I looked and I don't have those particular albums, but I do have some that were released in Japan (?) that have the Japanese covers and might be interesting to you. Their titles are:

    (1) Turbo Rhapsody
    (2) Latino Americano '78
    (3) Digital Around The World
    (4) Amour, Danse et Violons Vol. 51

    Would any of those be of interest to you? Let me know.

  4. Só agora percebi que o link é apenas de www até file

    1. highlight the link and only the link and then right-click. Select "open in new tab" or "open in new window". The link in the comments section is not "clickable".