Sunday, 13 March 2016

TV Music Spectacular - Your Favourite TV Classics (Record 6) [1978]

As promised, the last three volumes of this fun box set will be coming over the next three days.
So here is volume six, a selection of the best classical pieces which were used as TV theme music.
Mostly from UK TV programmes, plus one from a US program, these are entertaining for anyone who likes TV theme music, or classical music in general.
From these, my pick is Khatchaturian's Adagio from 'Spartacus', used in the 1970s as the theme from the BBC's The Onedin Line, a classic series which does not seem to have been repeated on UK TV recently.
I hope you enjoy it and please comment if you do!
Album Preview - Adagio from 'Spartacus' (The Onedin Line)



  2. Nice and thanks for sharing mate!

  3. Mark, I still can't get over this windfall. Thanks for sharing!