Wednesday, 13 April 2016

A Better Way To Fly - Bert Kaempfert (and The Chris Parmenter Orchestra) [1979]

If it wasn't for the title track of this promotional LP from former UK airline British Caledonian, then this would be a fairly standard collection of old Bert Kaempfert tracks.
Nothing wrong with that, but the highlight here is the (mostly) instrumental title track by The Chris Parmenter Orchestra (which was used on a UK TV commercial), along with a terrific gatefold sleeve featuring the classic DC-10 airliner in the striking colours of this much missed UK airline, taken over by BA in 1988.
When you hear it, you are taken back to the days when a TV advert had a catchy, original "song" like this (in a similar vein, British Airways had "We'll Take Care Of You, Fly The Flag).
It also seems a shame that the collection of musicians put together for the advert song could not have been commissioned to do a full album of similar music, rather than rely on the Bert Kaempfert material, most of which was more than ten years old at the time.
However, Bert Kaempfert is a favourite of mine, and my highlight from these tracks is My Way Of Life, a song, which just like the more well-known Strangers In The Night, was co-written by Kaempfert and made famous in the excellent vocal version by Frank Sinatra, which many have commented would have made a marvellous theme to a Bond or other spy film of the time.
There is a little background noise from the vinyl, but I do not think this spoils the listener's enjoyment!
I hope you enjoy it and please comment if you do!
 Album Preview - A Better Way To Fly



  2. Another great selection of EZ tracks
    to relax to.....Speaking of EZ..might there be a chance of a post by Lawrence Welks "Hits Of Our Times". Never knew he contributed to several selections with strings. One in particular from this LP is And We Were Lovers.Thank you!

    1. Sorry Bob, I do not have that album. However, one side of it is on Youtube:



    2. Found the Lawrence Welks selection And We Were Lovers.. How may I send this to you

    3. Hi Bob, please post any links you have here as a comment.

  3. In the Seventies it seems there was just a surfeit of talent out there in general, including musical, a lot of which ended up in the service of advertising.

  4. Another corporate promo LP? My cup runneth over!

    Thanks, Mark, I love these releases :)

  5. The first song is neat, but as you said, the rest is previously released Kaempfert material.

  6. I like the first song. I like the other material, but I have those songs on multiple Kaempfert albums.

  7. Francis Jenkins9 July 2018 at 19:39

    I used to fly BCal [British Caledonia] from Gatwick to Los [Lagos Nigeria] a 6 hour flight in the early 1980's when I was in my early 20's. The headset used in BCal's DC 10's was based on a hollow tube system - you plugged a headset that had hollow plastic tubes [stereo] into the seat audio connection and you listened to this music. I used to find this "Easy Listening" music very relaxing given what you're about to land to and see in Lagos in the 1980's Life worldwide was a much different place than it is today some 40 years later.