Sunday, 8 May 2016

Soft Favourites From Yesteryear - Andre Kostelanetz (Special Compilation)

Thanks are to Will Crump for this fine compilation from a legend of Easy, Andre Kostelanetz!
He is a name I have known about for some time, but perhaps known more in The States than here in the UK.
Like his label mate Percy Faith, he carried on putting out some great albums well into the '70s, most often featuring lush, string-filled, orchestral versions of classic pop songs and movie soundtracks.
A note from Will:
"A good day to all my fellow easy listening instrumental music lovers!! Below is the link to my latest custom compilation. This time I've put together a custom CD by Andre Kostelanetz. As usual, I'm focusing on songs from the '70s and '80s. I hope you enjoy!! As always, custom front cover art and bi-fold inserts are included in both .jpg and .pub formats for your convenience." 
Album Preview - Me And Mrs Jones



  2. Mark and Will, this looks like a great collection. Thanks.

  3. 1000thanks for this fascinating album! I love your blog & I visit it reguarly! Please keep on sharing great albums! Best regards from Germany ...

  4. How would you guys like for me to do a couple "A Study Of..." CDs and make albums of different orchestras' arrangements of songs like "Love is Blue" and "A Walk In The Black Forest"?

  5. Glad to know you like the album!! You guys have all the good albums in Germany. James Last, Anthony Ventura, etc.. You get the cool stuff we never see on the U.S.A. side of the ocean.

    I'm trying to find a Walter Scholz album that has the song "Castello Amore". If you have that please let me know.

  6. Hope everyone is enjoying the album! I'm scratchin' my head tryin' to come up with the next project for you guys.