Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Fire And Rain - John Gregory & His Cascading Strings [Special Compilation]

Here is our friend Will Crump's latest Easy compilation, focussing on UK orchestra leader John Gregory, who was extremely prolific during the 1960s, 70s & very early 80s, and was also the man behind the Chaquito and Cascading Strings albums.
A note from Will:

Hello once again my fellow easy listening instrumental music lovers. I'm pleased to present my latest custom double-CD by John Gregory & His Cascading Strings. The 2 CD collection is entitled "Fire And Rain" and contains just over two hours of instrumental arrangements of soft pop hits of the late '60's, '70s, & early '80s.

Enjoy everyone!! I really like to hear John Gregory. He was really, really good. He's right up there with Norrie Paramor and John Fox.

Thanks to Will for all his effort in bringing this fine anthology to us, and please comment if you listen and enjoy!
Album Preview - Cats In The Cradle



  2. Mark and Will, this looks like an outstanding compilation. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You're most welcome. I love putting these collections together. I'm thinking seriously of doing an Orchester Anthony Ventura project, provided he's not still "hot" enough for the copyright folks to get after us.

  3. you outdid yourself on this one. jolly good!

    1. Sorry to be so long in replying to you. Thanks! I'm so glad to know folks are enjoying the music.

  4. Another excellent compilation from Mr. Crump - thank you very much!

    1. You're most welcome, Anonymous. Enjoy!! There are more to come. I'm thinking about Orchester Anthony Ventura for the next project. I'll have to find out if he's still "hot" with the copyright folks.


  5. Thanks again for this lovely comp Mr Crump, as I'd posted in the previous thread. Ooopsies ;)

    1. You're most welcome, my friend. Enjoy!!

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  7. Where Is Missing Music Playlist easy Like Sunday Morning, just the way you are, dreams, My Life, By John Gregory & Cascading Strings?

  8. Christopher, sorry for the confusion my friend. The album as posted includes the following songs:

    CD 1

    1. Sleepy Shores
    2. Spinning Wheel
    3. Lying Eyes
    4. Talking In Your Sleep
    5. Night Fever
    6. I Am, I Said
    7. Reminiscing
    8. Don't Cry Out Loud
    9. Ventura Highway
    10. You Don't Bring Me Flowers
    11. Baker Street
    12. She's Always A Woman
    13. We'll Never Have To Say Goodbye
    14. You Needed Me
    15. Too Much Heaven
    16. Angie Baby
    17. We've Got Tonight
    19. Three Times A Lady
    20. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

    CD 2

    1. We've Only Just Begun
    2. If
    3. Song Sung Blue
    4. Fire And Rain
    5. Theme from "Shaft"
    6. You've Got A Friend
    7. For All We Know
    8. You Are The Sunshine of My Life
    9. Fernando
    10. Solitaire
    11. Send In The Clowns
    12. Arthur's Theme
    13. Just When I Needed You Most
    14. Love On The Rocks
    15. I Write The Songs
    16. Longer
    17. After The Love Has Gone
    18. My Cherie Amour
    19. Just Remember I Love You
    20. Wedding Bell Blues

    I had to re-post this and the cover art a few times because I caught mistakes I had made. What's posted now is my final "release" of this project. Hope this clears things up for you ,fellow fine music lover.

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  10. Plus Bonus Tracks: easy Like Sunday Morning, just the way you are, dreams, My Life, you never done it like that, thinking of you, Breezin', on john Gregory & cascading strings, great songs can't you fix it asking mark! please.

  11. I can create a mini-album of those songs and you can add them to the album currently posted as you see fit. Right now it's 10:35 pm CDT and I'm going to take my sleepy carcass to bed. :-)

    1. OK, It's Coming Up Next easy Like Sunday Morning, just the way you are, dreams, My Life, you never done it like that, thinking of you, Breezin', on john Gregory & cascading strings Great Songs His Missing Music Instrumental TM Century CD From UK?

  12. Christopher, you're going to be very mad at me, but I spoke too soon. I've looked at my John Gregory albums and I don't have any with Easy Like Sunday Morning, Just The Way You Are, Thinking Of You, or Breezin'. The only songs from that list I have are "You Never Done It Like That" and "Dreams". If you can get a temporary e-mail address and post it to me here, I'll just e-mail you the two mp3s I do have.

    1. I'm Very Sorry Mr. Crump, I Like Hear Is Forgotten MP3 Files By On Request UK Instrumental "You Never Down It Like That" (Captain & Tennelle) & "Dreams" (Fleetwood Mac) By John Gregory & Cascading Strings I Love That! & Thank You Take Care Please?