Friday, 22 July 2016

The Easy Listening World Of Ray Davies And The Button Down Brass (Special ELW Compilation)

Here is a special compilation from British Easy legend, Ray Davies!
All tracks are taken from albums previously posted, or are planned to post in the future, on Easy Listening World.
I have tried to avoid tracks which have been on any official Button Down or other library or Easy comps, and I have to say, I am very pleased with it!
From his Fontana, Pye, Philips, and DJM albums, along with a couple of tracks from a soon-to-be posted library album from Boosey & Hawkes, it showcases his originals, his pop covers, and his film theme versions!
I hope you enjoy it, and please comment if you do!
Album Preview - Sneak Thief



  2. I'll get this one later today. I have some good news!! Instrumental Music Cafe is back active again.

  3. Thanks for the great album, Mark!!

  4. Thank you Mark