Monday, 28 November 2016

The Easy Listening World of The 70's (ELW Special Compilation)

A compilation of classic 70's pop songs played in our favourite instrumental Easy style.
All are from albums previously posted, or soon to be posted here.
 I hope you enjoy it and please comment if you do!
Album Preview - Brown Sugar (Mike Batt Orchestra)



  2. Thanks for this share. Good sounds of the times. I remember these and the transition from the 60's. Thanks again. pburton

  3. Nice compilation!! I've got to get back to contributing. I done let myself get lazy!!

    Does anyone have the LP "Stolen Goods-Gems Lifted From The Masters" by the Outrageous Dr. Teleny and His Incredible Plugged-In Orchestra??? I really want that LP!!

  4. Mark, this is Will Crump. Please e-mail me. I somehow lost your address from my address book. I am looking for an Anita Kerr Singers LP called "The Anita Kerr Singers" from 1975. It includes the song "Love Will Keep Us Together". I really, really would like to have this song by Anita Kerr. It's really good!! Also, do you have "Stolen Goods-Gems Lifted From The Masters" by Dr. Teleny & His Incredible Plugged-In Orchestra? I especailly want "Superjoy" and "Wolfgang Wigs Out".

    1. Hi Will!

      I am sorry I do not have either of those.

      Please email on



  5. This looks interesting, thanks!

  6. Hello, Mark and all the rest of my fellow easy listening music lovers!!

    I have a new album for your listening pleasure. It's a custom album by the Anita Kerr Singers I've entitled "You Needed Me". I think you'll enjoy these smooth, soft vocals. Here's the link:

    Mark, if you will, please posterize the cover Art. Also, please use either "How Deep Is Your Love" or "You've Made Me So Very Happy" as the preview track. Thanks!! If you like this vocal offering, please comment and let me know. Enjoy & Merry Christmas!!!