Sunday, 16 April 2017

Here's A Train - Orchester Helmut Brandenburg (1974)

Our post today is this fine album courtesy of our good friend, Will Crump!
From Will:
A good Saturday morning to all my fellow music lovers.  I found a real treat from 1974 you’re sure to love.  I listened to the few tracks of this posted on YouTube and fell in love.  I did some digging on-line and found the rest of the tracks.  Here for your listening pleasure is an album of easy listening instrumentals with a library/funk flavor to it. It’s sure to tickle your fancy.  Give this a listen and if you like it, please leave a comment. 

Best wishes,
Will Crump
Album Preview - Vernissage



    1. Great album Mark, love the Pepe Talk track.

      Many Thanks.


    2. I'm the one that sent the album in. Glad you like it. :-)

  2. I Don't Like It German Like Version Française LP en France Musique de Orchestre Non-German Orchester, Je Amour est Paris, France Vinyl est Meilleur.

  3. magnifique! keep those early 70s library moog hits a'comin' bro! noice!

  4. Gog Magog, do you by any chance have "Stolen Goods-Gems Lifted From the Masters" by Dr. Teleny and His Incredible Plugged-in Orchestra? I believe this is a Moog album. I really want "Superjoy" and "Wolfgang Wigs Out" if you have them properly mixed down from quad to stereo.