Sunday, 4 November 2012

Say It With Music - The Wally Mackenzie Orchestra

A must for those who enjoy big band or ballroom dancing music, this is a very enjoyable album from a band which I understand were very popular locally to where i live in East Manchester.

The arrangements are traditional but with energy, and very well recorded for a release which was clearly designed to be sold at the concerts and dances themselves.

I hope you enjoy it and please comment, leaving your name, if you do!

Album Preview - Hooked On Swing



  2. Thank you my friend , this is again a very nice one.

  3. Good Morning: Stopped by and picked up some new sounds. Thanks for the posts. Always enjoy your goodies.

  4. Thank you, great collection!

  5. These LPs (where the types of dances are listed next to the song) were intended for people with an interest in formal ballroom dancing -- those who were learning, teaching, or competing professionally. It was mostly small labels with their own little niche.
    Dance instruction schools here in the US paid premium prices for them because they were imports -- I've seen some with the price stickers still on them -- and savvy thrift shops won't put low prices on them.
    The few LPs by ballroom orchestras that had major label ties (like to EMI) have been repackaged and reissued as lounge collections, but most of these artists are only available on second hand LPs.
    So, thanks for this one.

    1. I was the bass guitarist / vocalist with the Wally Mackenzie Orchestra from 1978 - 1981 then deputising thru to the late 80s. I'm listening to this CD now with very happy memories. Mention should be made of the arranger Pat Nash for his beautiful arrangements.

      Carol B. Jason