Sunday, 17 December 2017

Thank you and goodbye!

Well, I think it's now time to let you know that I have decided not to do any more posts here on Easy Listening World. 

It is not far away from ten years of existence for my blog which has had many thousands of visitors, a fact I will always be very proud of. I believe that I have been able to continue when so many similar blogs have stopped or been closed is due to my care ensuring that I was only offering what was unable elsewhere and not posting too frequently, the only point to the blog being a love for a style of music which has generally been consigned to the past, ignored by record companies as not being worthy of re-issue to a rather small group of enthusiasts.

I have for the entire length of the blog enjoyed sharing my discoveries with you all, the only currency I would consider accepting being your comments, however I have often felt that considering the number of downloads and visitors against the number of comments, it seems an extremely small proportion of visitors have been prepared to offer comment on my posts.

I realise that I have made no new posts in recent weeks and months, but in that time the only new comments that have come have been meaningless spam, and boy, have there have been a lot of them.  For that reason I have generally stopped reading them and that has taken away much of my  motivation for continuing to share my collection here.

I am not going to close or delete anything, but obviously links over time will expire and not be replaced.

Thanks for all the support, visits and comments from everyone over these ten years, particularly  the personal connections I have made; without you it would not have lasted this long!

So, in the words of The Two Ronnies, it's goodnight from me (and goodnight from him)!

All the best,