Saturday, 31 December 2016

Moods Orchestral Vol. 1 (A Special Compilation)

Our friend Will Crump has sent us this fine instrumental collection!
From Will:
I have another little gem to share with you. This came my way and I knew after listening to it I had to share it with you guys. The orchestra wasn't named. It's a mystery orchestra or compilation of orchestras. The arrangements are really nice.
From myself and all contributors to Easy Listening World, I would like to wish all friends and visitors a very Happy New Year, with lots more to come!
I hope you enjoy this and please comment if you do!
Album Preview - Miss You Like Crazy

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Dancing Easy 2 (A Special ELW Compilation)

A follow up to my 2012 disco compilation, all the tracks here are from the same source by an unnamed orchestra.
A fine soundtrack to your New Year's Eve party, I hope you enjoy it and please comment if you do!
Album Preview - Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

You Needed Me - The Anita Kerr Singers (A Special Custom Compilation)

Thanks to our friend Will Crump for this fine collection of vocal / instrumental tracks, mostly classic 70's pop songs.
From Will:

Hello to my fellow easy listening music lovers!!

I have a new album for your listening pleasure. It's a custom album by the Anita Kerr Singers I've entitled "You Needed Me". I think you'll enjoy these smooth, soft vocals.

If you like this vocal offering, please comment and let me know. Enjoy & Merry Christmas!!!
From me:
I am now back at home after the work on my house was just about completed, and internet connection has been restored, so posts should be more frequent from now on.
I would like to wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
I hope you enjoy it and please comment if you do!
Album Preview - How Deep Is Your Love

Monday, 28 November 2016

The Easy Listening World of The 70's (ELW Special Compilation)

A compilation of classic 70's pop songs played in our favourite instrumental Easy style.
All are from albums previously posted, or soon to be posted here.
 I hope you enjoy it and please comment if you do!
Album Preview - Brown Sugar (Mike Batt Orchestra)

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Deutsche Starorchester - Various Artists (ELW Compilation)

Inspired by the Reader's Digest collections of the same name, here is my compilation of many of the German greats of Easy Listening, of which there were so many!
I am pleased to say that 14 of the 20 tracks are from my turntable; my thanks to the uploaders of the others.
I do realise that Norman Candler was born in Austria, but he did do most of his work in Germany!
I am currently without a turntable; due to improvements were are living away from home for the next few weeks, however I do have a backlog of albums recorded, but not yet posted!
I hope you enjoy it and please comment if you do!
Album Preview - Many Times (Norman Candler)

Friday, 23 September 2016

Telly Hits 2 (16 More Top TV Themes) - Various Artists [1986]

Here, as promised, is the second volume of this trip down 80's TV memory lane!
My highlights are the rare BBC theme from their football World Cup coverage, Aztec Lightning (very 80's!), Simon May's short-lived theme from the Holiday programme, and the vocal theme song from long-forgotten Saturday night drama series, Strike It Rich.
I hope you enjoy it and please comment if you do!
Album Preview - World Cup '86 (Aztec Lightning)

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Telly Hits (16 Top TV Themes) - Various Artists (1985)

Earlier in the year, I posted a 3-LP set, Theme Classics, and in my write-up I mentioned a few other TV theme collections from around the same time, including this one from the much-missed UK compilation label, Stylus, together with the BBC itself!
A collection of (mostly) original versions of 16 mid-80's TV themes as shown on the BBC.
Mostly UK programmes are featured, just two US shows included, the original version of Bill Conti's Cagney & Lacey theme, along with a fine version of the Dallas theme by The Frank Barber Orchestra.
BBC regular Simon May is here, with his themes from 80's drama Howard's Way, and the ever-popular Eastenders, which was a new show at the time of this album's release.
An interesting extra is the rare theme from Edge Of Darkness, by rock guitar legend Eric Clapton and soundtrack king, the late Michael Kamen.
I also have Telly Hits 2, from 1986, and this will follow shortly!
I hope you enjoy it and please comment if you do!
Album Preview - Howard's Way

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Stereo 99 Volume Three - Various Artists (1970)

 Fine sampler album from Polydor, featuring many of their Easy greats such as Max Greger, Kai Warner, Augusto Alguero, Gunter Kallmann, and Roberto Delgado, but strangely no James Last!
I hope you enjoy it and please comment if you do!
Album Preview - Gentle On My Mind

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Non Stop Pepsi Party - Denny Wright and the Hustlers (1974)


This was one of the first LPs I found when I first started looking round the local charity shops, some years ago, but I have seen it again since, several times, the one ripped here being the one in the best condition.

It is around 54 minutes in length, and top quality from start to finish! Featuring the Shout About Pepsi track, as featured on the first Sound Gallery album, here it appears as part of a medley with Tequila and La Bamba.

Other highlights include fine versions of I Can See Clearly Now, Something, Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da, very smooth sounding covers of Without You,Love Is Blue, and Sounds of Silence, with a nice rock 'n' roll medley to finish the album.

Every track is a winner, the album is one of my personal favourites, the track I post as preview, Roll Over Beethoven never fails to have me jiving round the room!

I hope you enjoy it and please leave a comment!

Album Preview - Roll Over Beethoven

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The Way We Were and other Dance Melodies - Colours Green (1979)

A rather nice LP from Chevron, a UK budget label active in the late 1970s, these instrumentals are a blend of 70s pop songs and party favourites played by a small band led by the piano and organ.
Organist Brian Dee is mentioned on the cover, along with guitarist Laurie Steele as the masterminds behind Colours Green. Brian Dee has, in partnership with Irving Martin, been responsible for many classic 70s Library tracks, including the Return Of The Saint theme, along with several Happy Hammond LPs. The only knowledge I have of Laurie Steele is a couple of tracks on Decca's World Of Easy Listening series.
I hope you enjoy it and please comment if you do!
Album Preview - Nebula

Monday, 12 September 2016

Harp and Soul - David Snell (1966)

Here is another fine album from the master of the harp, the UK's David Snell!
Sadly the sound quality on this 50-year-old LP does deteriorate somewhat towards the end of the second side, however I still think it is still worth a listen, especially as David Snell did not do too many albums by himself.
I hope you enjoy it and please comment if you do!
Album Preview - My Romance

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Braziliana - Jack Parnell & His Orchestra (1977)

Sadly a bit too late to celebrate the excellent Rio Olympics, this is a fine British-made tribute to the Brazilian latin sound.
Mostly instrumental, but with some tracks featuring nice vocals from Madeline Bell and Simon Morton, this album has been out there before, but not for some time.
Well worth a listen, it captures the samba and bossa nova sound of the era perfectly, with a recording I am very pleased with, the vinyl sounding in excellent condition!
I hope you enjoy it and please comment if you do!
Album Preview - Deixa Isso Pra La

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

A Neil Diamond Tanto Di Capello - Franco Cassano (Appeal!)

I have been getting an awful lot of messages from a reader asking after this album, which I do not have.
So, I would like to appeal to all readers if they have this album could they share it?
Thanks, Mark

Friday, 29 July 2016

The Best Of The Button Down Brass featuring the Funky Trumpet of Ray Davies (1968)


Here is an album shared by our friend Paul from Colombia, it is one I do have in my collection but have not ripped or shared thus far.

It is a fine compilation of Ray Davies earlier work on the Fontana label, featuring 10 instrumental tracks, my picks being nice versions of Fool On The Hill and MacArthur Park.

Many thanks to Paul for sending the album, and please comment if you enjoy it!

NOTE: this album was sent to me at 128 kbps and this is how I offer it.

Album Preview - MacArthur Park

Friday, 22 July 2016

The Easy Listening World Of Ray Davies And The Button Down Brass (Special ELW Compilation)

Here is a special compilation from British Easy legend, Ray Davies!
All tracks are taken from albums previously posted, or are planned to post in the future, on Easy Listening World.
I have tried to avoid tracks which have been on any official Button Down or other library or Easy comps, and I have to say, I am very pleased with it!
From his Fontana, Pye, Philips, and DJM albums, along with a couple of tracks from a soon-to-be posted library album from Boosey & Hawkes, it showcases his originals, his pop covers, and his film theme versions!
I hope you enjoy it, and please comment if you do!
Album Preview - Sneak Thief

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Very rare interview with Library legend Keith Mansfield!


Saturday, 9 July 2016

The World Of Your Easy Listening Favourites - Various Artists (1975)


#REPOST# (originally posted on ELW in August 2011)

First posted nearly five years ago, the links are long gone, so I have re-recorded this one at the now-standard 320 kbps.

While recording, I noticed that the label shows it as being The World Of Easy Listening Volume 7!
A varied repertoire, great arrangements, and vinyl in fine condition makes this well worth a listen!

A most attractive cover picture, too!

I hope you enjoy it and please comment if you do!

Album Preview - Something (Nathan Williams & His Orchestra)

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Fire And Rain - John Gregory & His Cascading Strings [Special Compilation]

Here is our friend Will Crump's latest Easy compilation, focussing on UK orchestra leader John Gregory, who was extremely prolific during the 1960s, 70s & very early 80s, and was also the man behind the Chaquito and Cascading Strings albums.
A note from Will:

Hello once again my fellow easy listening instrumental music lovers. I'm pleased to present my latest custom double-CD by John Gregory & His Cascading Strings. The 2 CD collection is entitled "Fire And Rain" and contains just over two hours of instrumental arrangements of soft pop hits of the late '60's, '70s, & early '80s.

Enjoy everyone!! I really like to hear John Gregory. He was really, really good. He's right up there with Norrie Paramor and John Fox.

Thanks to Will for all his effort in bringing this fine anthology to us, and please comment if you listen and enjoy!
Album Preview - Cats In The Cradle

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Return To The Black Forest - Horst Jankowski (1971)

After Will's album full of different versions of Jankowski's most famous melody, here is another of my albums.
From one of my favourite budget labels, full of piano and strings, and a different recording of A Walk In The Black Forest, it is a fine album sounding great with the vinyl in excellent condition!
I hope you enjoy it and please comment if you do!
Album Preview - A Walk In The Black Forest

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Non-Stop Bacharach - The Sunset Festival Orchestra (1971)

A fine LP comprising 16 Bacharach favourites arranged as two non-stop medleys, not tacked together like later "Non-Stop" albums"
I hope you enjoy it and please comment if you do!
Side 1

Side 2

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Eine Studie von Eine Schwarzwaldfahrt (Special Compilation)

An interesting compilation from Will Crump, here are 17 different performances of the Easy classic from Horst Jankowski, A Walk In The Black Forest.
Like another compilation I remember hearing a while ago with many versions of another classic, Light My Fire, this gives you the opportunity to compare arrangements of this, one of the best instrumentals of the Easy genre.
Thanks to Will for compiling it, I hope you enjoy it and please comment, giving your favourite version, if you do!
Album Preview - "Geoff Love"

Saturday, 14 May 2016

The Easy Listening World Of Bacharach (Special ELW Compilation)

 Looking back at many posts I have made in the last eight years, at least two common factors appear. The Beatles, and Burt Bacharach.

I have posted a collection of Easy arrangements of classic Beatles songs some time ago, so here is my tribute to the living legend of Easy Listening, one of the 20th century's greatest composers.

Unlike previous compilations I have made, all tracks on this are from me, either from previously posted albums, or from albums yet to be posted.
 I hope you enjoy it and please comment if you do!
Album Preview - Do You Know The Way To San Jose (The London Pops Orchestra)

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Soft Favourites From Yesteryear - Andre Kostelanetz (Special Compilation)

Thanks are to Will Crump for this fine compilation from a legend of Easy, Andre Kostelanetz!
He is a name I have known about for some time, but perhaps known more in The States than here in the UK.
Like his label mate Percy Faith, he carried on putting out some great albums well into the '70s, most often featuring lush, string-filled, orchestral versions of classic pop songs and movie soundtracks.
A note from Will:
"A good day to all my fellow easy listening instrumental music lovers!! Below is the link to my latest custom compilation. This time I've put together a custom CD by Andre Kostelanetz. As usual, I'm focusing on songs from the '70s and '80s. I hope you enjoy!! As always, custom front cover art and bi-fold inserts are included in both .jpg and .pub formats for your convenience." 
Album Preview - Me And Mrs Jones

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

A Better Way To Fly - Bert Kaempfert (and The Chris Parmenter Orchestra) [1979]

If it wasn't for the title track of this promotional LP from former UK airline British Caledonian, then this would be a fairly standard collection of old Bert Kaempfert tracks.
Nothing wrong with that, but the highlight here is the (mostly) instrumental title track by The Chris Parmenter Orchestra (which was used on a UK TV commercial), along with a terrific gatefold sleeve featuring the classic DC-10 airliner in the striking colours of this much missed UK airline, taken over by BA in 1988.
When you hear it, you are taken back to the days when a TV advert had a catchy, original "song" like this (in a similar vein, British Airways had "We'll Take Care Of You, Fly The Flag).
It also seems a shame that the collection of musicians put together for the advert song could not have been commissioned to do a full album of similar music, rather than rely on the Bert Kaempfert material, most of which was more than ten years old at the time.
However, Bert Kaempfert is a favourite of mine, and my highlight from these tracks is My Way Of Life, a song, which just like the more well-known Strangers In The Night, was co-written by Kaempfert and made famous in the excellent vocal version by Frank Sinatra, which many have commented would have made a marvellous theme to a Bond or other spy film of the time.
There is a little background noise from the vinyl, but I do not think this spoils the listener's enjoyment!
I hope you enjoy it and please comment if you do!
 Album Preview - A Better Way To Fly