Sunday, 28 July 2013

Could I Have This Dance - Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra (1981)

Thanks again to Al Gates of Perth, West Australia for another very nice album of Easy ballroom dance music, this time from the legendary Frank Chacksfield!

I hope you enjoy it and please comment if you do!

Album Preview - Xanadu




  2. Thank you for this Chacksfield album.

    - der bajazzo

  3. I've several of Chacksfield's albums - all great. Thanks for a new one.

  4. Mark - please consider creating a "secret" contact address people can reach you at (thru your profile). Blogspot has started nuking blogs en mass. Recently, the following blogs were killed:

    And these five are on the list I follow - meaning: Other people might have lost their favorites. It's really worrying!

  5. Looks like some public blogs are being shut down. If this happens to you and you continue to share music on a private basis, please include me on your list!

  6. Thanks for the comments!

    I have heard one or two things about blogs being shut down, but I think I may be OK as I have always been very careful not to offer anything too popular or currently available anywhere.

    I have been down the private blog and forum route before and would have to consider carefully whether to continue at all, should my blog be shut down with no notice.

    Thanks again,

    1. Mark, don't be too sure about that.
      The Phase 4 Stereo Blog has gone private and Lounge Legends is gone all together. I was just there Sunday night. If you knwo how I can contact the author of The Phase 4 Stereo Blog, I would appreciate it. I know why they go "private" but there is no way for their fans to reach them after they do. I would hate to see that happen to you. Lacey

  7. Hi Mark and others. Sad about the shutdowns but here is (oh no) another Ray McVay.

    Thanks for great work
    Al Gates
    West Australia

  8. Hi. Mark and Al Gates. Many thanks, great album Ray McVay!

  9. Thank you for your blog I'm enjoying visiting almost every week for 2 years now.

    Sylvain from Paris