Thursday, 18 June 2015

Out Of The Box (Medley) - The Wright Orchestra (1981)

Rather nice medley of classic UK & US 70's & 80's TV themes, obviously made to cash in on the 1981 craze for medleys, Stars On 45, Back To The 60's, Hooked On Classics being more successful than this, however.

The B side is a storming disco funk track, also well worth hearing, too

I hope you enjoy it and please comment if you do!


  1. Message saying The user hosting this content is out of bandwidth.

    Why is this?



  3. It gives me the option now to download like you mentioned in the Ole comments, it didn't yesterday, did you have issues with bandwidth perhaps yesterday, anyway it's fine now, I just decided to test it with the original file and like I say it does work.

    Thanks for uploading a ZS link anyway as that is how I grabbed it but could have got it from the Dropbox today.

    Best Wishes Mark.


    1. I have only just started using Box, mainly for embedding a preview track, but it could be that there is a daily limit on downloads?

      Thanks for your continued support VR!


  4. Mark, there's no 'daily limit' on Box, but there is a monthly bandwidth limit. If you store ALL your albums in one Box account, you WILL very quickly reach your bandwidth limit because of multiple downloaders downloading your latest and previous offerings....HOWEVER, there is a way around this restriction. Simply open extra Box accounts using a different email address to set up a new Box account. I have at least SEVEN free Box accounts and I ran a music group on Multiply before it closed down. I found that if I uploaded an album to a different account each time, then it was highly unlikely that a specific account would run out of bandwidth since some visitors would be downloading a previous post from one account, and others would be downloading your latest offering from another Box account thereby the likelihood of one specific account 'getting hammered' was diminished substantially.
    I have used Box for quite a few years now and have NEVER encountered any problems using the method outlined above. Hope this helps.