Sunday, 24 January 2016

Theme Classics (1985)

Here we have something of a rarity, an album bought new by myself!
The 12 year-old me picked this one up from Woolies after seeing an advert in a magazine for it, knowing it would be a worthy addition to my collection of TV themes! Around the same time I also picked up other great theme albums such as The TV Hits Album 1 & 2, On The Air, and Telly Hits 1 & 2, all from the 1980s. 

Sadly, the younger me wasn't as careful with vinyl as the older me, so this may not sound quite as good as other posts, and I have REALLY tried to find another copy of this, but have so far been unlucky.

The other two albums are not really what I bought the album for; there is one album of music from TV commercials, all the tracks are classical favourites from a time when most adverts used classical pieces, Air On A G String from the Hamlet cigars ad being one of the most well-known examples.
The film themes album is okay, one I can appreciate more now than then; many of the pieces are more famous than the films they featured in. A Summer Place, Lovers And Other Strangers, and Lost Horizon, anyone?

No orchestra name is supplied, either on the sleeve or label, but some of the tracks have appeared elsewhere on other albums credited to The New Reflections Orchestra and Brancaster Studio Orchestra, among others, I expect.

My highlights are the very different disco treatment of the theme from US detective drama, Kojak, and a very rare instrumental version of the theme song I Could Be So Good For You, from UK drama series Minder, which loses none of the charm and humour of Dennis Waterman's original.

I suppose I could have just posted the highlights from this 3LP set, but have decided to post the three albums in full, leaving listeners to decide for themselves what they want to hear!

I hope you enjoy this and please comment if you do!

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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Romantic Trumpet - Alex Malampré [1969]

Here is another great contribution from our new friend Will Crump!

A very well arranged blend of 60s pop songs and other instrumentals, thanks to Will for all his efforts in bringing this gem to us!

Album Preview

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Nadia's Theme (The Young And The Restless) - Barry De Vorzon (1976)

Here is another album from our new friend and contributor, Will!

A beautiful album, it has lovely string arrangements, with piano often leading, along with some excellent rhythm accompaniment, edging towards disco on more than one track! 

US readers will no doubt have Nadia's Theme from The Young And The Restless as one of their highlights, and although the theme and the programme are relatively unknown here in the UK, it is still a fine piece of string-led contemporary 70's orchestral music!

I hope you enjoy it and please comment if you do!

Album Preview - The Dancer

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Fly Robin Fly - Living Strings (Special Compilation)

Here we have a specially made compilation courtesy of a new friend of ELW, Will Crump from the USA, who has recently discovered us and has sent me some fine albums to share!

Thanks to him for all his effort with this, and more of his albums will follow very soon!

Album Preview - Fly Robin Fly