Saturday, 20 November 2010

Screen Action / Crime Busters - The Power Pack Orchestra [1986]

Here, especially for darnall42, is a fantastic collection of 35 great 80s TV and film [but mostly TV] themes played by the Power Pack ''Orchestra'', mostly synth and drum machine again, but it must be said that it is very of its time.

There are 25 tracks on the original CD ''Screen Action'', but I also have an LP called ''Crime Busters'', which also contains some of the tracks from ''Screen Action'', so I have added the tracks that were not featured on that to this download.

Highlights aplenty, but I can't quite believe the way they did the ''Hart To Hart'' theme!

I hope you enjoy it and please leave a comment!

I ripped this CD some time ago, and cannot find it at the moment to scan the covers from it, so I'm afraid this will have to do for now!

I'll be back soon with more classic Easy from the 60s and 70s!

Track List:
  1. Superman
  2. Miami Vice
  3. Magnum
  4. Hunter
  5. The Professionals
  6. Starsky And Hutch
  7. Shoestring
  8. Hawaii 5-0
  9. Dempsey & Makepeace
  10. Indiana Jones
  11. TJ Hooker
  12. James Bond
  13. New Avengers
  14. Rockford Files
  15. Street Hawk
  16. The Good The Bad & The Ugly
  17. The A Team
  18. Knight Rider
  19. Crazy Like A Fox
  20. Mike Hammer Theme
  21. The Fall Guy
  22. The Sweeney
  23. The Chinese Detective
  24. Highway Patrol
  25. Airwolf
  26. Cagney And Lacey
  27. Scarecrow And Mrs. King
  28. The Gentle Touch
  29. Miss Marple
  30. Remington Steele
  31. Hart To Hart
  32. Murder She Wrote
  33. Juliet Bravo
  34. The Bill [Overkill]
  35. Z Cars



  1. Top stuff, my old cassete version of this album is now sadly unplayable so it'll be nice to hear it properly rather than my warped and hissy copy of the tape

  2. I have been looking for this album for over 20 years! Had it on a cassette that went bad. Thanks for proving to me that I'm not totally crazy - yet! - WaveThemes

  3. I first heard this when I was 4 and I've loved this ever since. I misplaced my tape a few years ago.. Thanks for this but the link seems dead. Re-upload? Please?

    1. Please try the Mediafire link again; I just tried it again and it seems ok.

      Cheers, Mark


  4. Thanks for share been looking for this for long time good job

  5. There are three songs missing from a is for action, do you have them.
    Track 8 Hill Street Blues
    Track 13 Dukes Of Hazzard
    Track 18 Bergerac
    From Side 1 and 2 (Of A is for Action)
    All Tracks are there for Crimebusters

  6. I'm sorry I don't have A Is For Action.


  7. Thanks for this one. This is a nice music blog.