Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Organ Sounds In Super Stereo - Alan Hawkshaw Plays The Philicorda [1972]

A nice & easy treat from the greatest British session organist.

Very rare and hard to find, this LP is a mixture of standards and 60s & 70s pop classics played by the Hawk along with his session legend friends Brian Bennett, Jim Lawless, Chris Spedding, Tony Carr and Danny Richmond.

Mariella is a Hawkshaw original and is a definite highlight, as are the versions of Spinning Wheel and My Cherie Amour.

There are also some great liner notes from the Hawk himself!

I hope you enjoy it!

Hawk from Megaupload

Hawk from Mediafire


  1. Wow, this is great! And what a line-up he had there: a band including Chris Spedding and Brian Bennett!

  2. Thank you, this is very promising, I will grab it right away! I love Hammond music!

  3. what an awesome album...Hawkshaw is at the top of his game here, almost channeling Walter Wanderley on some tracks. Thanks so much for sharing this rarity, which I've never seen before. Prime Hawk...

  4. "Girl from ipanema" on organ just awesome! )
    Thank you!

  5. one of the lesser known albums from Hawkshaw while one of the best!! - just the case when the beaten phrase "obscure gem - unfairly forgotten" is right at home.
    garlands of thanxx!

  6. Just discovered this, he was the finest stylist. (The link still works!)

  7. No link anymore? Please