Saturday, 15 May 2010

This Is Roberto Delgado [1970]

Very nice 10 track sampler of Roberto Delgado's 60s work, featuring the latin sounds of Spanish Eyes, El Paloma, Rhumba Tamba, Taboo, and 6 other great tracks.

[From the sleeve notes]

''The heat of the tropical sun, the excitement of the carnival, all the fire of Latin America, this is the music of Roberto Delgado. Audiences in the sophisticated continental nightclubs have thrilled to the music of Roberto Delgado, many record buyers in this country have for long known the excitement of his records in fabulous stereo, now, to bring his music to a wider audience we bring you a selection of some of the best of Roberto Delgado so that you too may thrill to the magic of far-away nights in exotic places. Come, hear, be conquered by the scintillating sound of Roberto Delgado.''

Delgado from Mediafire


  1. Hello,

    According to my request which is here:

    Someone whose name is: "cliff dweller" mentioned that he had a Cd-rip of "Vision of Change (1988)" by River of Dreams (UK).

    I want to ask him to upload it somewhere for me or just contact me through this email:

    May I ask you to put my request on your blog, so he can see it easily and answer to my request?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Yay, thank you!

    The sleeve notes seem to be a very bad translation from a german original album sleeve note? Or did english people really speak like that?

    Maybe I am the fool here, but to me this text sounds a bit, uhm, off, or odd.

    But the music is just great, as always.

  3. Thanks for this one. Great music for lifting up the mood.
    Herr Wende rules!
    Hermann the German

  4. I have recently "donated" a double CD (one of the -indeed- very rare ones you can find) by the great Roberto Delgado to the Lounge Legends blogspot featuring many of his "greek" and "spanish" tunes, guaranteed to make you happy. Especially in these troublesome times a good thing I'd say. So go and have a look. Thanks for this LP too by the way.


  5. Joey,

    Can you point me in the direction of this CD comp that you mention and what it is called?


  6. Hi VR!

    I believe the CD comp Joey means is called the Happy Holiday Collection and can be found here:

    Cheers, Mark

  7. Yeah, you are right Mark, thanks


  8. many thanks you guys for mentioning the DOCD on LL's site. I had missed that post last year and have just now grabbed it. Really a wonderful collection.