Saturday, 31 August 2013

Val Merral's Big Sound At Butlin's (1973)


I have decided to repost this album because my family and I have just returned from a week's holiday at Butlin's Bognor Regis resort!

I think it fair to say the place will have changed in 40 years, but I was pleased to see they still have some proper, live music, although nothing near the kind you will find on this LP, one I was so pleased to find a few years ago!

I have not had time to do a fresh recording, so here is the rip originally posted around 3 years ago on this blog which will be before many of you would have been aware of Easy Listening World!

A joy from start to finish, it is a mix of cheesey pop covers and groovers and funkers, the latter being the better, such as Flash and Open House, both of which were on the excellent RPM compilation Gypsy Creams and Ginger Nuts.

There were two at least two other Val Merrall albums, Butlins Favourites and G.I.'s Favourites, both of which were posted a few years ago on Lemoncat's Grooves Of Delight, neither of which I have unfortunately.

However this one is the best, and the vinyl is in near perfect condition, amazing considering it is now 40 years old!

I have another similar LP, Jack Hawkins' Everything Is Beautiful, another showband type album, which I will do a fresh rip of, as I recently managed to find another copy in better condition than the one I had!

I hope you enjoy it and please leave a comment!

Album Preview - Open House


Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Modern Way - Ray McVay And His Orchestra (1976)

Another fine Ray McVay ballroom dancing album from our friend Al Gates of Perth, West Australia!

For now it seems I have been spared, and so I will continue here, in public, until the shut down, if and when it comes!

Thanks to Al for the album; I hope you enjoy it and please comment if you do!

Album Preview - Tango For Two