Sunday, 16 September 2012

Pete Moore's Solid Rockin' Brass (1974)

A truly brilliant album, a treat from start to finish, it features a blend of funky, brassy arrangements of pop classics from the 50s to the 70s with a couple of funky originals thrown in, too, one of which (as featured below) is called Solar Wind, which is simply a rearranged take on The Jackson 5's I Want You Back!

This one has been out there before courtesy of Lemoncat's rip of a few years ago, but I was so pleased to be able to add the vinyl of this one to my collection, and it sounds in extremely good condition!

Don't miss this one, as there is a great deal of Pete Moore available on all the usual download retail sites, and so this could be on there soon!

I hope you enjoy it and please comment if you do!

Album Preview - Solar Wind




  2. Thank you for several nice albums. I particularly like being able to hear a sample before I download.
    -Dan from Holland, Michigan USA

  3. Thanks Dan

    It's always good to hear not just that people like my posts, but also why they do. I always thought a preview was a good idea, too!


  4. Wonderful. Many thanks, Mark. How terrific is Fat Man? No wonder it's been comped so often.

  5. Thank you for this nice album.

  6. Thanks for great music and nice comments.
    Here is another interesting contribution hope everybody will enjoy.

    Al Gates
    west Australia

  7. Lovely album, and some terrific drumming from the late, great Alf Bigden. Thanks for taking the trouble to upload it!

  8. Very groovy. Thanks

  9. Great post - thank you

  10. This is what I am talking about. Thanks for this post.

  11. Jed Kearse, Record Producer30 January 2017 at 16:35

    To set the record straight, I actually produced this album. Recorded at Chappells with the late great John Timperley. Normally worked straight to two track, but two tape machines caught fire !. So thus recording was multi-tracked (At two track price!). Mixed it like a Pye studio pop album. Saw Derek Healey a couple of years ago, he remembered it. 1973 was a long time ago. Jed Kearse

  12. I wonder if anyone has any more Pete Moore LPs? The one record I can't find that I really want is an album by him called 'My Fair Ladies' as it has 'I love you Samantha' on it - purely for sentimental reasons, it takes me back to my youth listening to David Jacobs as he used it for a theme tune on his show. If anyone can help I would be eternally grateful!